Cold Cube 04

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Cold Cube 04


136 pages
7.5” x 10”
7 color risograph with foil stamped cover

Our fourth collection of artists, cartoonists, poets and fiction writers from all over the world. Printed in 7 colors, this book focuses not on a central theme, but rather presents different artists working to push their mediums into new territory and experiment with the Risograph printing process.

Begoña García-Alén
Leslie Lasiter
Erin Halligan
S.A. Karaskova
Chou Yi
Helen Nguyen
Jordan Jackson
Cristian Toro
Cynthia Alfonso
Evan Cohen
Richard Chiem
Jesse Fillingham
Maria Medem
Colleen Louise Barry
Nina Elliott
Tay Dow
Griffin Miller
Lindsay Anne Watson
Willie Fitzgerald
Conor Stechschulte
Julia Kernerman
Juli Majer
Aaron Gonzalez
Ted Powers
Jake Pease
Jordan Rundle
Sung Hyun Kim

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